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Writing workshops for various platforms with Esther Vargas – USA News Web

Writing workshops for various platforms with Esther Vargas

 – USA News Web

In February we have an online course you can’t miss: Journalism Writing with renowned editor Esther Vargas, director of journalism courses and La Ruta del Café Peruano.

Vargas is the multi-platform editor of Perú21, specializing in digital communications but trained in print, she handles both platforms and is working on a series of projects to help those interested in writing tell stories in the most effective way.


  • The Key to Effective Written Communication
  • Text structure and story development.
  • Reporting in times of a pandemic
  • news type
  • How to Write in the Digital Age: Formatting and SEO
  • case analysis.
  • reading lab
  • Let me tell you a story: I work online.

Workshop cost: 150 soles.

limited spots.

Pay by:

Savings Account: Claudia Ramirez

  • Border crossing: 194 06156489 0 74
  • BBVA: 0011-0787-0200179528

Yape and Pullin: 955923719

For foreigners: Pay via PayPal to email:

Exhibitor Details

Journalist, Master in Digital Journalism at the Spanish Graduate University Institutes (Carlos III University of Madrid, Autonomous University of Barcelona and University of Alicante, in collaboration with Grupo Santillana). Expert in digital marketing, new business and communications. Web editor for Peru21 and gastronomy pages.

He has provided training in digital tools, new media and social networks to newspapers and organizations in Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Paraguay, Guatemala, Ecuador and El Salvador.

It offers in-person and virtual workshops and offers consulting services on social media, digital marketing, brand positioning, writing and public opinion.

He conducts seminars on education and innovation for companies and social projects.

In 2020, she conducted a creative writing workshop at CHorrillos Prison for Women.

Expertise: Digital Journalism, Social Networking, New Media, Journalism, Newswriting, Social Media, Teaching


To register for a seminar please email to

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Journalist specializing in social media and political communications. Collaborator of the journalism course. I am on social media as @Kevac11

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