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Note to Journalists: Meet the Gabo 202 Award Finalists – USA News Web

The Gabo Foundation, an institution founded by journalist and Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez, has announced the finalists for the ninth edition of the Gabo Prize, which is The most important recognition for Spanish and Portuguese journalism, in four categories: Text, Coverage, Image and Innovation.

The list collects Top 12 Stories From Ibero America. According to the group, they are «works that examine, reveal, influence and advance the fabric of society, whose narratives dazzle and display a steely passion for journalism with skill, rigor and morality.»

The finalists of the Gabo 2021 Awards will take part in the «Latin America’s Best Story Marathon‘, a virtual space where they will discuss the details behind the making of their work with members of the jury.

Winners of the 2021 Gabo Awards will be announced at virtual ceremony, November 18 next year.Register for free and participate

Gabo Festival No. 9 will be held virtually from November 15th to 20th, 2021 with completely free workshops, lectures and master classes.understand programming



  • waiting for water
    • The report describes the lives of the families most affected by the diversion of the San Francisco River 10 years after they were evicted from their property.
    • Authors: Sérgio Miguel Buarque and Inês Campelo.
    • Medium: Marco Zero Conteúdo (Brazil)
  • The return of the eagle
    • A Chronicle of the History and Persistence of Leaf Dance in the Northern Puebla Mountains of Mexico. A living tradition that reveals other ways of inhabiting the planet.
    • Author: Juan Carlos Rocha Pardo
    • Medium: El Malpensante (Colombia)
  • Tamaulipas massacre: American dream shattered in Mexico
    • Reports on the murder and burning of 16 Guatemalan immigrants in Mexico who gave everything to seek a better future in the United States.
    • Authors: Lorena Arroyo Valles, Pablo Ferri, Héctor Guerrero, Mónica González Islas and Eliezer Budasoff.
    • Medium: El País (Spain)


  • unforgivable
    • Documentary follows a hitman gang member serving time in a Salvador prison for not only a crime but also a homosexuality.
    • Authors: Marlén Viñayo, Carlos Martínez, Andrea Bilbao, Neil Brandvold, Omnionn, Víctor Peña, and Patrick Tombola.
    • Medium: El Faro (El Salvador)
  • loft.Beach Days and Plutonium
    • The documentary series follows the largest nuclear accident ever committed by the U.S. military, which took place in a small town in southern Spain and is still reeling from the aftermath.
    • Authors: Álvaro Ron, Daniel Boluda, María Cabo, Antonio Gómez Escalonilla, and Leyre Pejenaute.
    • Media: Movistar+ (Spain)
  • Pantanal in Chamas
    • A photographic series on the impact of the fires that hit Brazil’s Pantanal region in 2020.
    • Author: Lalo de Almeida
    • Media: Folha de S. Paulo (Brazil)


  • innocent prisoner
    • A series of articles featuring x-rays of innocent Brazilian prisoners revealing the devices that unfairly send black and poor people to prison.
    • Authors: Artur Rodrigues, Rogério Pagnan, Rubens Valente, Henrique Santana, Karime Xavier, Luciano Veronezi, Rogério Pilker and Thiago Almeida.
    • Media: Folha de S. Paulo (Brazil)
  • Beyond the docks, the migrant crisis in the Canary Islands
    • Reports documented the arrival of more than 23,000 migrants in the Canary Islands, one of Europe’s southern borders.
    • Authors: María Martín and Javier Bauluz.
    • Medium: El País (Spain)
  • #NicaraguaNoSilence
    • A series about human rights abuses in Nicaragua, amid the manipulation of justice, corruption and the deals with big capital that pushed Daniel Ortega to power.
    • Author: The Connectas Team.
    • Medium: Connectas.org (Nicaragua, Colombia, USA and Mexico)


  • La Silla reconstructs how police killed three youths in Verbenal
    • Tried to establish that the police who opened fire at the 9S 2020 protest in Bogotá did indeed kill three young protesters.
    • Authors: Carlos Hernández Osorio, Marcela Becerra, Daniela Amaya Rueda, Juan Esteban Lewin.
    • Medium: Empty Chair (Colombia)
  • no epicenter
    • It’s a data visualization tool designed to sound alarm and generate empathy in the face of the tragedy of COVID-19 deaths.
    • Authors: Gilberto Scofield Jr, Natalia Leal, Vinicius Sueiro, Tiago Maranhão, Rodrigo Menegat, Alberto Cairo and Marco Túlio Pires.
    • Media: Lupa Agency (Brazil)
  • Ome, Pütchi, Poraû – «Woman, Word, Resistance»
    • A cross-cultural journalism series starring 24 indigenous women spread across Colombia’s various border regions who reveal their relationship to the territory.
    • Authors: Vanessa Teteye, Luzbeidy Monterrosa, Olowaily Green, Pablo Albarenga, Cindy Laulate, Luis Fuenmayor, Paola Nirta, David Daza, Juliana Galvis, Mariana Villamizar, Juan Pablo Marín, Camila Achuri, and Edilma Prada.
    • Medium: Own Agenda (Colombia)

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