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Why does the media need a transmedia lab? – USA News Web

The media needs to think transmedia as there are multiple media outlets, supports and platforms available for delivering news today. But not only that.

That’s according to Alejandro Rost, co-editor of the book «Periodismo Transmedia.» Distributed storytelling for news, now available for download.

«Furthermore, there is a need to integrate the participation of users who seek to make their opinions and information public through the interactive spaces provided by social networks and the media,» he told

He said that the concept of transmedia allows us to think, plan and produce this diversity of media, trying to exploit and combine the narrative and interactive possibilities of each medium. It allows us to visualize the extent to which content is dumped, adapted to different supports or narrative story extensions.

“Media labs, when they exist, offer an opportunity to break out of the vortex of minute-by-minute news, to experiment and produce more refined content. But transmedia ideas must be integrated into journalists’ day-to-day work”, he explained.

But where can they start?It is necessary for the media to give him a Every support and platform a newsroom uses has its own personality. For example, social networks are often thought of as just sources of web traffic: the same content is then dumped on different networks. Instead, every social network is a way to tell a story, receive feedback from users, and engage with them. These stories have to be told and expanded in all these ways.

“In this book, we analyze the different experiences at the regional level in Argentina, including the regular coverage of events and other unplanned events. One of the authors, Álvaro Liuzzi, cites a series of examples of what he calls transmedia history-telling, namely Historical events are reported using different platforms as if they are happening. On the other hand, we also see the daily workflow of journalists in hyperlocal digital media. We analyze brand strategies in cross media journalism. We study Patago reading and engagement habits of Nigerian users. We have experience in cross-media production in the classroom,” he added.

What are your best practice tips for producing transmedia content?

  • Explore and take full advantage of the storytelling possibilities available with each support and platform we open up to tell the story.
  • Analyzing the extent to which we should craft, adapt content, or expand the narrative stories we have for different lines
  • Facilitate engagement instances with users, manage them and rank them according to the value of each intervention
  • Constantly test and experiment with new forms of storytelling and interaction.

Share your experiences with us.

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