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Tips for Freelance Journalists and Photographers – USA News Web is one of the largest freelance employment sites in the world, with 23 million users and 11 million job postings as of the first week of May. This number is increasing every day.

Over 8,000 new titles are published every day in over 950 categories where you can find categories related to communication, photography and journalism. interviewed Antonia Bensusan, Marketing Representative for Latin America, who explained the huge demand in this area. “Today, there are over 350 open photography jobs, 1,100+ writing jobs, 1,170+ article writing jobs, and many other related categories on our platform. This shows the wide variety of jobs that freelancers around the world can apply for right now ,»He said.

If you create an account, you must consider the importance of your profile when acquiring items, especially in the fields of communications, photography and journalism. Therefore, he offers some suggestions:

1. config file ready. Just like one prepares a resume when one is looking for a job, freelancers must pay special attention to their profile and portfolio. It is very important that it is complete and up-to-date information, the portfolio is attractive and it reflects the quality and professionalism of the user. It’s the cover letter, your resume, and the sales pitch, all at the same time. It is in this space that you will be able to attract and convince employers that they are the best choice for the job”,

2. Professionalism, punctuality and communication are fundamental pillars of success. I think it is crucial to set goals and timelines and stick to them. You must work rigorously, methodically and responsibly, and must maintain close communication with your employer to avoid any kind of conflict. The better the employer’s experience, the better reviews they provide, so the freelancer’s reputation grows, and the better the reputation, the better their chances of getting new projects.

3. Basic aspects.

  • Choose an area of ​​competence, a unique niche, to add value to your profile.

  • Try to position yourself in this space and avoid expanding into all niches. Remember «Government is not crowded»

  • Set your own personal work standards and strive to stay ahead and beat your competition.

  • Avoid coming across as too promising or too good to be true for your offer.

  • Don’t be afraid to say «no» to projects that don’t convince you.

  • They are not candidates for everything. Be selective and don’t hesitate to choose your clients.

  • Know your work: Familiarize yourself with current prices to avoid working for less than you deserve.

  • Stay up to date with courses in your area of ​​specialization.

What advantages does the platform offer the industry?

– The platform has many advantages. On the one hand, it allows professionals from all over the world to work for all types of companies of all sizes, from individuals or SMEs to large companies and organizations such as NASA, who have published projects on multiple occasions. This diversity of employers helps freelancers enrich their portfolios and gain experience in the fields they develop, while earning an income, the freedom to manage their schedules and work where they want, for multiple Contractors instead of working for a single employer under a dependency relationship.

– On the other hand, a hyper-specialized, hyper-connected and increasingly digital world means that more people with specific knowledge of technology-related tasks are required every day. Content generators, digital marketing analysts, designers and writers are some of the most sought after demographics today. The problem is that there aren’t that many people qualified to develop these areas, which is not a small problem when you consider that human capital is a company’s most important asset.

– Technology advances much faster than human resources can be trained, which leads to a lack of real professionals in the market to develop the most technical jobs. is a great tool for individuals, entrepreneurs or companies looking for talent as we have the world’s largest community of freelancers with over 23.5 million users worldwide working in everything from software to over 950 categories Job development or graphic design to more complex problems such as aerospace engineering.

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