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Journalists: Meet the app dubbed the ‘Uber of photojournalism’ – USA News Web

Have you taken press photos and want to earn money from your photos? We have solutions. Reporter, an app launched in 2016, has attracted 13,000 users in 136 countries, including Latin America.

The service allows professionals to upload your images and set a price. This photo will appear in the virtual store and may be picked up by the media or news organizations.

Szőke Tibor, co-founder of Reporter, told classesdeperiodismo.com The app has been dubbed the «Uber of photojournalism.» Why: Anyone can earn income with their own materials. The effect is «the liberalization of the market for news – what Uber did to taxis».

Also, this app has its own verification system to avoid content manipulation. The application uses the IPTC news system, which is an international standard for labeling. The best thing is to take into account various languages. Currently, resources are analyzed in 3 languages, including English. But soon it will also bet on 6 other languages ​​(as well as Spanish and Portuguese).

latin market

«We hope to build a stronger community in Latin America in the coming months, with the aim of forming partnerships with local media companies and news organizations,» he told Clasesdeperiodismo.com.

The first step is to launch a Windows Phone application, as its penetration rate in this area is still relatively high.

In this way, not only photojournalists, but also citizens can benefit from their own material without having to be connected to the media.

“Authenticity is key for us and our partners. Therefore, only accept content created within the app. Because there is so much interesting, valuable and newsworthy happening around us, we recommend everyone Always have the Reporter app ready,» he recalls.

Tips for citizen journalists

Citizens keep 80% of their price and the remaining 20% ​​is applied commission. “We firmly believe that the Reporter app will energize the global news content market. We don’t need full stories (with text), just content with minimal additional information (multimedia). We want to support professional journalists with effective content. So, as We said it was an opportunity for anyone to ‘get in the headlines’,» he said.

The Reporter platform may also be useful for professional photojournalists, as they can also find valid quotes for their work. And the best part: they will expand their projects in global markets.

Over the next two months, they aim to get closer to the world market with new investments. It’s available on Android and iOS.

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