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The new WhatsApp is focused on business, and you should know it – USA News Web

Today, they announced a preview of what WhatsApp is building to help people find, message and buy what they want in businesses.

During the first WhatsApp Business Summit in Brazil, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared an update to help people Find business: its about The ability to find businesses directly on WhatsApp, an experience that was recently launched in India and is now being tested in Brazil with various payment partners. Meta seeks users to make secure payments with their credit or debit cards directly from WhatsApp chats.


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People expect the millions of small businesses and tens of thousands of brands that already use WhatsApp to help them quickly and easily. Today, they offer the ability to find businesses directly on WhatsApp, so you can browse businesses by category, such as travel or banking, or search by name. That way, they don’t have to search for a phone number on a website or save it to contacts.

They created Company Search in a way that protects people’s privacy. «First, we now offer the ability to search for businesses in Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia and the UK. People can find businesses using our WhatsApp Business platform. In Brazil, search will also make it possible to find small businesses,» says WhatsApp.

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“As more and more companies use WhatsApp, our main principle remains to provide control over the conversation. Buy a subway ticket and make a purchase,» the company said.

buy what you want

“Our goal is to be able to securely pay directly from a debit or credit card chat. We recently rolled out this experience in India and are now excited to test it with various payment partners in Brazil. This seamless checkout experience will be a game-changer for individuals and businesses buying and selling, as they won’t have to visit a website, open another app, or pay in person. These new experiences are how we make WhatsApp our users’ favorite place to connect Part of the company’s Best Choice initiative. We look forward to hearing from you,» he elaborated.

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