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CNN asks its hosts not to drink alcohol on New Year’s Day – USA News Web

CNN has asked its hosts to cut down on live alcohol on New Year’s Eve to refresh their minds.

In recent years, American audiences have rejoiced to see internet celebrities like Anderson Cooper drinking in New York’s Times Square.

The behavior of the CNN anchor led to the spread of episodes such as Cooper and co-anchor Andy Cohen drinking tequila. Cooper seemed to be trying to stay calm.

His colleague Don Lemon, who has also been drinking on TV, had his ears pierced live for a year.

Last year, he wore a bright blue jacket, got drunk and spoke out about his right to be heard. «You know what?» he asked, «You can kiss my ass and I don’t care. I don’t care».

CNN bosses want things to soften up, apparently out of fear that the situation could damage CNN’s reputation. journalism Seriously, the outside chain has reported entertainment platform Variety.

The issue was discussed at a company event between employees and new president and CEO Chris Licht.

«During the meeting, Licht told employees that he believed drinking on camera would undermine the credibility of CNN employees and damage the ‘decency’ they were able to enjoy among the audience,» Variety reported.

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