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«Censorship is the most influential factor on Venezuelan media» – USA News Web

Venezuelan journalist David Contreras told classesdeperiodismo.com Censorship is the biggest problem facing Venezuelan media.

«While the authorities clearly did not mention it, there is censorship and self-censorship in the Venezuelan media when they report on political events,» he said after recent events, including elections for the Constituent Assembly.

«Security agencies have also reported crackdowns or excessive use of force amid protests that have been taking place for four months and have left more than 100 dead,» he added.

Some governments have signaled their rejection of a constitutional convention. «For international pressure (these declarations) to be very effective. It is a boost to the sector that is sustaining the protests and looking for a way out of the serious crisis the country is facing,» he said. He believes that although the government says it will not be deterred by any sanctions, it may make it reflect.

In addition, journalists unions have joined the ranks of the opposition to censorship. «Support is always welcome and appreciated. At the very least, it can serve as a pressure measure against the authorities,» he said. Yet he ensures that citizens are the only ones who can change (or sustain) the course of the state, with or without the support of outside agents.

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