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Filmtrax, the bet on digital media video music content – USA News Web

movie review It is a platform for closer relationship between musicians and companies, mainly for communication. Digital outlets can bet on new audio content useful for their videos. Interview with Carlos Vidal, CEO of Filmtrax, journalist by training, seasoned musician and film buff.

«I decided to embark on an adventure combining everything I’m passionate about to solve real problems for video content creators and music producers,» he said.

What advantages does it offer the media? «At a time when new native Internet video formats have diversified, using appropriate music to enhance and drive the story is playing an increasingly important role,» he said.

He also said that music played a very decisive role in several of these new forms, most of which were short, lasting no more than 2 minutes.

For example, media can use Filmtrax to easily and quickly find, in one place, musical compositions that help strengthen their message proposals, respect copyright first and foremost, and have great potential to better tell their story and attract More content consumers.

How does the platform work?
It is a library that can start a music search by combining various parameters such as the theme, genre or format of the content, various variables of musical style, mood, tempo and musical characteristics.

Additionally, the platform is constantly expanding its own catalog of band music and production music, with a feature that allows users to generate playlists for their ongoing projects. «As part of our service we also provide curation and are able to source and propose the right music for each project», he added.

Given the exclusivity and quality of the music, payment plans start from less than 40 soles per track.

For suggestions that journalists can follow, the first is direct access to playlists in the system curated by theme and format.

Before editing material, it is highly recommended to do a keyword list to be clear in advance about concepts related to the content, editorial suggestions, the tone you want to use to tell the story and, of course, define the rhythm of the narrative.

You can then use filters to refine your search and create lists of music that might be suitable and try them out until the magic of perfect timing occurs.

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